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So, for those of you who are interested, I recently purchased a pair of hemp pants. Yes, you heard me correctly: hemp. I was told I needed to give updates on the feel/wear of the aforementioned HEMP pants. (I was also told I could tell how high the quality was by how much hippies wanted to smoke them, but that's a story for another time.) So here goes:

I purchased this particular article of clothing for two reasons:
1) I hate shorts, so need something thin and light to wear in the summer
2) My linen pants kept wearing out (and I mean waistband and crotch disintegrating) in under 6 months (and anyone who has ever bought linen knows it can get mighty expensive)

So, a very wise person (lost1, and yes, I am TOTALLY biased [giggle] (damn, that was way too girlie)), suggested hemp.

I searched online and found a few places expanding our minds, horizons, and hippie quotients, and actually found a few decent pairs of pants. The selling factor for me was that they kept saying hemp had the look and light feel of linen, but was much more durable and would last "forever" (I kid you not, the pair I bought actually said that, and I am holding them to it!). I finally settled on:


but a few of the others looked not so bad either:

http://www.rawganique.com/Menswear.htm (the model on this one is good for a few laughs, too)

And if you google: hemp, hemp clothing, hemp pants
you get a few decent sites, and one that has over 20 links to clothing people hell bent on saving the world one pant leg at a time.

In conclusion (and if you actually continued to read this far you deserve a medal!):
They are light, look really nice (ever so slightly tapered leg, which annoyed me, but beggars can't be choosers), are a little stiff which hopefully a little washing will take care of, and are very comfortable. As far as the lasting forever, I'll have to get back to you on that. Look for, either, my surprised entry in 6 months when the waistband is still intact, or my angry entry when the butt wears through.

Hope this has met any and all hopes and dreams about hemp pants!
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